During the time I have been under the care of Rhys, I have experienced substantial relief from lower back and rotator cuff pain. Rhys has wonderful empathy with me, monitors my progress, and offers recommendations for at-home exercises. His studio is quiet, subdued and very condusive to a relaxing and meditative experience." G.W. Miller




Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have evening or weekend appointments?
Most Saturdays are available and evening appointments are available by request.

How many people receive massage in the U.S.?
Consumers received more than 230 million massages annually in 2007. (2007 ABMP National Consumer Survey.

16 % of US adults visisted a massage therapist in 2006 and 38 % had received a massage sometime in their life (2007 ABMP National Consumer Survey.)

How many people receive massage as a gift by using gift certificates?
28% of clients get a massage because they received it as a gift. (2007 ABMP National Consumer Survey.)

To purchase a massage gift certificate contact:

Phone: 360-220-2838 or by Email: rhysw6@netzero.net

Do you give discounts?
If you are a student or senior you qualify for a discount.

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