During the time I have been under the care of Rhys, I have experienced substantial relief from lower back and rotator cuff pain. Rhys has wonderful empathy with me, monitors my progress, and offers recommendations for at-home exercises. His studio is quiet, subdued and very condusive to a relaxing and meditative experience." G.W. Miller


Benefits of Massage

Massage helps to restore balance and alleviate tension and stress in your body. The client benefits on a physical, mental and emotional level. Some people may be looking for mental relaxation and stress reduction while others are more concerned with reducing pain and tension from an injury. With a skilled massage therapist, crossover benefits can be acheived.

Some benefits of massage:

* Relief of muscle tension and soreness
* Relieves nerve entrapment by loosening tight muscles
* Increases circulation of blood and lymph fluids
* Reduce Blood Pressure
* Greater Joint Flexibility and range of motion
* Redistributes synovial fluid around joints
* Improves and restores posture
* Nourishes and moisturizes skin
* Accelerates healing in injuries like sprains and strains.
* Breaks up adhesions and reduces the formation of scar tissue.
* Reduces pain and swelling from injury
* Reduces muscle spasm
* Helps relieve tension headaches
* Relaxation and stress reduction
* Enhances self image and feeling of well being
* Healthy/Safe touch
* Fosters a calmer mind with reduced levels of anxiety
* Promotes a healthy lifestyle

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